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Integrity Sales and Service Manufacturing division has acquired the Bentz design to develop a unique mixture of extremely methodological engineering and manufacturing proficiencies focused on multifarious, value-added, low to medium volume cab assemblies. 

  • Design engineering utilizing Solid Works 3-D solid modeling software (four seats)
  • Design, tooling and manufacturing of complete cab assemblies
  • Design, pattern making and tooling of fiberglass components
  • Hand-layup open molding of fiberglass components
  • Bonding, riveting and huck bolting of cab structure and body panels
  • High definition plasma cutting and turret punching of aluminum and stainless steel sheet
  • Forming, fabricating and welding non-ferrous metals, including aluminum extrusions and structural shapes, aluminum sheet and stainless steel sheet
  • Cab assembly, including windows, window regulators, door assemblies, locks and latches
  • Automotive paint application, including wash and prep, prime paint, and finish painting
  • Cab interior trim, including soft trim panels, 12-volt wiring, 110-volt wiring, cabinetry, lighting, plumbing, appliances, electronics and HVAC systems
  • Modular aluminum cabinets
  • Laminate and solid surface countertops and work surfaces
  • Fully integrated cab modifications
  • Cab and chassis integration
  • Cab air ride systems
  • Diesel generator installation
  • R134 retrieval and recharging
  • Chassis transportation services