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New Grain Trailers can be quoted after filling a the form below.
Our New Grain Trailers offer strength, value and quality Amish Craftsmanship; an unmatched value, to you our, customers: grain trailers built by farmers, for farmers!
New Custom Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer Quote Request. New Grain Trailers: Built by Farmers for Farmers; Craftsmanship in every Grain Trailer Manufactured! Please select your desired new grain trailer design, configuration, and options below.
Grain Hopper Bottom Trailer Combination (Single, Doubles A Train or B Train)
Grain Trailer Metal Construction Configuration. We will assemble your commodity trailer from the metal composition of your choice.
409 Stainless Steel Sheeting
Trailer Size
Grain Trailer Width (Optional Width Adds 50-100 Bushels of Capacity)
Grain Trailer Side Height:
Standard 66" Sides
Standard 72" Sides (Tall)
Optional 78" Sides (Tall)
Optional 82" Sides (Extra Tall)
Optional 55" Sides (Extra Short)
Custom Sides (Any Size [within reason])
Grain Trailer Suspension Preference (2 axle Price)
Wheel Options
Grain Trailer Tire Options
STD: 70%+ Tread Recycled Tires (11R22.5 only)
OPT: New Re-Cap Tires (not available Super-Single)
OPT: New Virgin Rubber Tires (22.5, 24, 385x65R25)
OPT: New 445x55R25 Super-Single Tires
Paint Type (Mild and Stainless Trailers Require Paint)
Paint Color
Color Scheme
Grain Trailer Payment Terms
I will place a deposit; pay upon completion.
I will pre-pay and recieve a $500 discount.
I need to finance my new grain trailer.
Available Trailer Options:
Front and/or Rear Platform (recommended)
Inside Ladders (Front and Back)
Site Glasses (One Set of 2)
Extra Lights
Rear Air Gauge
Sides Chutes on Hoppers
Side Doors
Center Tag Axle Solid w/Air Lift
Center Steer Tag Axle w/Air Lift
Tridem/Tri-Axles (all solid to bogie)
Tri-Axles w/Rear Solid Tag Axle
Multiple Axles (Michigan & Canadian Special)
Slip Plate Coating on inside of Hoppers
Vibrators Both Hopper Doors (Big Bertha)
Electric Remote-Controlled Door Openers
Electric Remote-Controlled Roll Tarp
Full Width Mud Flaps (Back)
Full Width Mud Flaps (Ahead of Tires)
Mud Flaps in Front of First set of Tires
Mud Flaps in Front/Back of Center Lift-Tag Axle
Sloped Rear Wall (Required for Tri-Axle)
Rear Door (Storage Area [not avail. sloped wall])
Pup Grain Trailer (Steer Axle Tag-a-long)
409 Stainless Steel Framing/Tubing
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All Grain Trailers come the following standard features:
  • Front and Back Ladders
  • All Solid-Welded Construction
  • Braces under Slops
  • 22" x 30" Easy-Open Hopper Doors
  • 20" Ground Clearance
  • Sandblasted, Primed, then Painted
  • Polyurethane-base Paint: 1 Coat Primer, 2 Coats Finish
  • Sealed Lighting System
  • Mud Flaps
  • 80% Rubber 22.5" Tires
  • Featuring New Hendrickson Ridewell Air-Suspensions
  • Crank-locked Roll Trap System in Your Choice of Color
  • DOT Tape
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • 21" Hopper Clearance
  • 18" or 24" Kingpin Setting
  • Standard Colors: Black &/or White
  • Amish Craftsmanship is put into each and every grain trailer we manufacture
  • Disclaimer: All Capacity Ratings are Approximate